Monday, September 15, 2008

Poll of the Week

Since last week's poll was so much fun, I thought I'd start something new–-a poll that will open for voting every Monday. Each week I'll talk about the results of the last poll and then post a new one.

Last week's poll asked what was your main reason for reading literary magazines or journals. Okay, the sampling wasn't huge, but the majority said they read to find good writing no matter who wrote it. This question stemmed from something I posted in the Poets & Writers Speakeasy where I wondered why print literary journals don't move to an anonymous review policy where the writers name does not appear on the work. The idea got a lot of support though some felt the big names were what sold the journals. If this poll is any indication that might not be the case or it may reflect the very different tastes of those who do most of their reading online, where, for the most part, names don't matter.

So, now I'm going to work backwards polling on my original question. Do you think an anonymous review policy (one where the author's name is not available during the review process would improve literary journals?

Let me know what you think. Also, if you have ideas for polls, comment here or e-mail me.

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