Monday, December 8, 2008

Sotto Voce Interview Clarification

Apparently some misunderstanding arose in zine writer's recent interview with SV's Managing Editor, Emily Thorp, regarding feedback on rejected submissions.

Emily says:

Quite a few people have expressed their disappointment that we “no longer provide” candid feedback.

Clarification: I did not mean to imply that we no longer respond with frank criticism. We still do honest, and we still do candid. We just started removing criticism from reviewers if it was mean-spirited and/or completely unhelpful (e.g., "This sucks"). While certain pieces may, in fact, "suck," we realized that including that in our feedback did not help anyone, even the author, and that it engendered needless bad feelings from contributors who, after all, took the time to send work to us.

In the spirit of authentic feedback, however, if the feedback says, "This sucks because ..." and goes on to detail the issues with the piece, it stays in!

Emily Thorp
Managing Editor
Sotto Voce


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