Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wikipedia and the Right to Post Inaccurate Information

I just had to post this article. Seems Wikipedia is proposing a review of edits and contributors are in revolt. What's the cyber-world coming to when contributors can no longer post inaccurate information without having someone looking over their shoulders. As for me, I find it much easier to have all the inaccuracies collected on one site rather than having to search all over the web and read a million different blogs to find them.


Jolie said...

I recently read part of a nonfiction book that had numerous Wikipedia articles cited in the bibliography (I stopped reading when I realized it, of course). How in the hell did Wikipedia get so powerful that this could slip by a publisher? And yes, this was an imprint of a respected publishing house.

Nannette Croce said...

There was a controversy, maybe a year ago, about grad students citing Wikipedia in their theses. The issues the profs had weren't just over accuracy but that it was like relying on an encyclopedia for graduate research. So I am totally bowled over by your comment. Those who don't understand much about internet publishing probably don't realize that being at the top of the list in a search has nothing to do with authority. It's all Search Engine Optimization and anyone can do it.


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