Saturday, February 14, 2009

StoryQuarterly: Now You See It, Now You Don't, Now You Do

Seems like every conference I attended over the past few years someone would suggest StoryQuarterly as a good market to submit to. Followed by someone else asking, are they still publishing. To which came the reply, yes but now they are....

Most recently clicking on StoryQuarterly would take you to Narrative where, I don't think much more than a year ago, they announced they would start publishing the quarterly, which, in fact, had become a print annual. So now we have another change. StoryQuarterly is again a separate publication and has been taken over Rutgers University. They will continue publishing an annual print version and publish online throughout the year. While they suggest checking out sample copies to learn what they are looking for, um, I can't find any. Sometimes I like that, though, cuz it's anyone's guess, and I don't see any guidelines about multiple subs, so why not try two very different pieces?

Oh, and they also pay––quite nicely.


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