Saturday, April 4, 2009

Book Smell: What Will They Think of Next?

A post on one of my faves, BookSquare, brought this one to my attention––Smell of Books.
I have some suggestions for even more additions to the line.

How about salt air for that beach read, complete with sand to throw all over your reading device.
The mildewy smell of those books sitting in a box on the basement floor since your last move.
That dirty train station smell for the books people leave behind for others to pick up.

And why stop with books?

The foody smell of supermarket tabloids.
That distinctive wet newspaper smell that comes with black ink to smear all over your hands.

So much nostalgia is caught up with reading and writing. Later maybe they could expand into eau de typewriter ribbon to spray over your laptop's keyboard. For a small additional cost you could add a feature to your printer that would leave black smudges wherever you made a correction. Then for the really traditional types, there's the scent of fountain pen ink and a download from iTunes that simulates the scratching sound as you type.

I agree. Enough of the tactile stuff. As I noted in another post on Books and Reading too many confuse reading with books. I say it's time to move on folks.

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