Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Different Kind of Contest

Here's a cool concept for a competition from our friends at Glimmer Train. Their Best Start contest "is meant to encourage new writers to tackle that story!" Glimmer runs several contests a year but tends to stick with the tried and true. In this contest, they actually encourage submissions of your experimentation. I have several unusual beginnings in my Word files that haven't grown in months, so I figure, what have I got to lose. Well, it does cost $10 per submission and the prize is only $50, however 50 Best Starts will be chosen making your chances much better than the usual GT contests.

This is limited to new writers whose work has not appeared in a print publication with a circulation of more than 3000.

The current contest closes June 30.

1 comment:

Lady Glamis said...

Oh, wow! THANK You for this information! If I can round up 10$ I will definitely enter. Thanks!


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