Thursday, June 18, 2009

Issue # 3 Sotto Voce Now Live

Issue #3 of Sotto Voce just went live. I just received the notice and have to dash off to work this morning, but I hope Managing Editor Emily Thorp doesn't mind my quoting her note to staff that due to our "disparate tastes" it is "varied and unusual," which is a tribute to their fantastic review system and what, I believe, will keep readers coming back.

As most of you probably know––or will if you click the link to my interview with Emily––all submission remain anonymous during the review process and each is rated by about twenty reviewers. So two things I especially enjoy about a new issue are seeing if any of the stories I liked made it in and the bios of the writers. It's fun to see if I guessed right on gender.

This seems like a good time to also mention that starting with the next issue I will be an Assistant Fiction Editor at SV. That means I'll be helping with the editing of accepted pieces.

Please visit Sotto Voce, and don't forget to vote for the stories you'd like to see in the annual print anthology. Oh, and––ahem––if this is your first visit, check out the archives where you'll find one story of mine in the spring and fall issues, and it's not too late to vote for them too!


Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh! I'll go check it out! yay! and congrats on the new job! :-)

CashewElliott/John said...

I happened to stop by a day or so ago before I saw your post here.

I read a couple stories.

I actually submitted something to SV recently, nonfiction stuff. They explicitly said to be careful with swearing, and I used the F word like three times (it was necessary!) so I can use that for an excuse when I don't get published. phew!


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