Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kindle Killer Coming to an Apple Store Near You?

Here's an interesting article from The Huffington Post dubbing Apple's soon to be debuted iSlate (name not yet official) as the "Kindle Killer." The author has an interesting point. Why create a reader that is so wedded to print that ends up being not quite as good as a book or a laptop? Instead, the Apple reader will make use of multi-media.

I understand the arguments for the e-ink format: the non-back-lit screen is easy on the eyes, easy on battery life, etc. And since we spend upwards of ten hours a day staring at glaring screens--whether 30" wide or glowing in your pocket-- I can understand the argument for not wanting to read the latest vampire novel off yet another backlit screen. When I desire such a quiet reading experience I pick up the paperback. It is still the best at what it does.
Prol'em is, will the paperback survive and will it be affordable?

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