Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The More Things Change

You know the saying, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  For me, February marked two returns to sites I had formerly been associated with: Suite 101 and The Rose & Thorn. Actually I need to stop calling it The Rose & Thorn and get used to the new name, simply Rose & Thorn.

Of the two returns, writing for Suite is like visiting my high school friends and jumping back into the phrenetic pace of my teen years. While returning to R&T has the warm feeling of visiting a safe place from childhood.

Both my high school and my old neighborhood have gotten a face lift, though. They both have new updated sites and some new ways of doing things, so there will be a learning curve, which is good for me because I never like things too easy.

At Suite, of course, management is made up of some distant folks I'll never interact with. The  Co-Managing Editors at R&T are my old friends Angie Ledbetter (Gumbo Writer) and Kat Magendie (Tender Graces). While I've never met Kat and Angie in person, we immediately clicked when they joined the R&T staff back when I was Co-Managing Ed under Barb Quinn and all the changes they've made since they took over are exactly what I would have done––which shouldn't surprise me.

Of course, the important things at R&T remain the same, and that is the emphasis on producing a quality publication four times per year, something that has been accomplished regularly over more than 10 years without fail. Not many online publications––or zines as we called them then––that started at the same time are still around.

I'll also be contributing to their blog from time to time. So along with writing for Suite, I may not be posting here as much as I had. I'll try not to let things go too long, though. I have friends here too.

I'll make a point of linking to any of my blog posts over there. All of you, and I know you are legion, who wait on my every word won't be too disappointed.

Now I am going to take a hot bath as we are having a blizzard here in SE Pennsylvania, and I shoveled our patio three times just so the dog could get out and poop––What lovely little gems I will find out there after the thaw.

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Angie Ledbetter said...

Warm wishes (literally and figuratively) to you Nannette. Keep cozy by visiting old friends and past connections. And DO take that nice bath.

SO glad to have you back at Rose & Thorn!


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