Thursday, February 18, 2010

This Just In: Kids in UK Should Walk to School While Reading

At least since I was a kid, the media has loved sensational stories about how kids are headed down the road to ruin. In my day we watched too much TV, listened to Satanic music like the Rolling Stones, and used drugs. All of which many of us did––and that's not even counting the sexual revolution––and still ended up living typical suburban lives with the house, the car, and the 2.5 kids, just like our parents. If I recall, all that TV presaged the end of reading, too.

So here's another sensational article,  this time from the UK. Fewer than half of children read for leisure or walk to school.  Is this a perfect set-up for the Onion or what? I can see it now.

Statistics show 75% of kids who read while walking to school are injured by walking into poles, while another 10% are hit by cars.

How about we give the poor kids a break already.

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