Monday, March 15, 2010

Bare Root Update

Just an update on my acceptance in Bare Root Review. The e-mail didn't specify what issue it would appear in. I had to ask twice, which got me a weeee bit nervous. Someone in the Poets & Writers forum actually receive a retraction of an acceptance that was sent in error. Ever since reading that I don't assume anything. I kept wondering if maybe my bio turned them off. Maybe the credits I listed didn't look good enough. Silly me. The first request was included in the bio and photo I sent back, and having worked with that stuff I should have known they probably just sent it on to where it needed to be sent and didn't read the e-mail thoroughly. My second request was answered.

No word on when the issue comes out, but as this is March it should be soon. I will definitely keep you all posted, but get ready. It's strange.

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