Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ain't It Always the Way...

Isn't it always the way, though, that when I was submitting and submitting and checking my submissions spreadsheet by the day, if not by the hour––nothing, nada, zip. That nothingness, as it always does for me, also led to a major slump in production. So now that I am copyediting for Demand Studios and having to spend every day I'm not working doing things for my Mom or my daughter and whatever, two, yes two acceptances in a matter of months. First it was Now Snow White Is Dead, and this morning in my email I found an acceptance from City Works Press  for my short story "Split Seconds" that will appear in their Mamas and Papas Anthology. 

This is one of the last of the spate of stories I wrote after attending the Kenyon workshop two years ago this week. Yes, that's right, two years. It was during that workshop that I found out two of my older stories had been accepted for the now-defunct Sotto Voce. I will say, that even though it took this long, those stories did, generally, receive favorable comments wherever I submitted them, which means, I believe, that the week at Kenyon did what I needed it to. That is, help me dig a little deeper and try new styles.

Prol'em is, I am just too practical a person to keep writing and writing and writing with no success. So now, not only is my repertoire dwindling, but I'm going to have to work to regain the edge I had coming off the conference (because with my daughter going back to school for two more years and getting married in one, I will not be going to Kenyon or any other workshop anytime soon). It is also getting harder and harder to pry myself away from my work at DS to spend time writing something that will bring in maybe $40 if I am extremely lucky. Not that the editing I'm doing is all that exciting, but watching those dollars add up in my Paypal account twice a week is extremely addictive.

No, I must, must, must, force myself to take some creative writing time. I will. I promise. Really. Only, with two more edits I can hit $200 for this week. That's my record so far.


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Rebecca Nazar said...

Congrats on that acceptance.


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