Tuesday, January 26, 2010

E-reading News

Can Apple Save the Written Word?

I thought Google was doing that. Oh wait, I guess they are just preserving it. Anyway more speculation on Apple's new e-reader that doesn't even have a name yet. Yikes, $1000. That's quite a lot of books and magazines and newspapers. Then again, it will be a reader and computer all in one from what I can tell, but I still need the one here on my desk because I don't think I can write on that thing.  Maybe it will be like the iPhone and come down in price immediately. According to the P&W website, Apple's new iWhatever is due to be unveiled tomorrow. Way to upstage the Prez on his first State of the Union. Though something tells me the State of Apple is way better anyway.

Here's another good post on Enhanced e-Books, what publishers will be adding to e-books to make them more tantalizing––and expensive–-to readers. It puts me in mind of when DVDs first came out. Remember the "Easter Eggs"? Those special hidden features? Do they still have those? If they do, does anyone look for them? I think the idea was to wean the public away from VHS. Now that you can't find VHS anymore that's no problem.

It looks like there will be much in store for reading in the very near future when reading may very well be something only the wealthy can afford.

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Kathryn Magendie said...

Lawd! it did look cook when I saw it on the news just a bit ago, but doubt I'll ever own one!


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