Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mad Hatter Review Knock Our Hats Off Contest

Note: I'm a wee bit partial to Mad Hatter in that they recently sent me one of the nicest rejection e-mails. They took the time to let me know that my piece almost made it. It was so nice, in fact, that I thanked the editor, who in turn thanked me, and explained why it didn't quite get there. Unfortunately, no two pieces of mine are ever the same, and I have no other "edgy" material to submit to this competition, but I am proof positive that when they say they give new and emerging writers a chance, they really mean it. I do strongly suggest reading a couple of issues. This isn't standard stuff.

Mad Hatters’ Review will consider submissions in FICTION or POETRY commencing on MARCH 1ST, 2010 (12 a.m. USA EST) and ending on June 30th (11:59 p.m.). 
First prize winners in both genres will receive $250 (each) plus publication of their entries in Issue 12.  The winning works of 5 runners-up in each genre will also be published in Issue 12. 
All winning entries will be published in a print anthology called “Knock Our Hats Off: A Little Book of Curious Delights.”  Each winner will receive a copy of this deluxe collector’s item.
The terms “fiction” and “poetry” may be interpreted broadly.  Take a walk on the wild side through our pages. Take liberties. Governments are taking them away from us, so we’re giving them away free.
Our honorable judges: 
Cris Mazza, Fiction
Sheila E. Murphy, Poetry
Our entry fee and modus operandi
$12 per entry via PayPal to madhattersreview@gmail.com
Poetry: 3 poems max per entry. 
Fiction: 3000 words max per entry.
By all means, enter as many times as you wish. 
All submissions must be sent to madhattersrev@yahoo.com with the following information in the subject line:
Your Name
Genre (Fiction or Poetry)
Title/s of submission
Word Count
Submitted works should be copied and pasted into the exquisite corpus of your email AND attached as an RTF Doc.  If you’re submitting visual poetry or visual fiction, attach your entries as jpeg/s or gif/s.  If you absolutely MUST, submit these offerings in PDF format.
Pages of texts should be titled, but your name should only appear on the subject line of your email, as submissions will be read blind.  We’ll ask for your bio and optional pic if you’re a first place winner or runner-up.
Simultaneous submissions are expected.  Just tell us immediately if some other lucky editor has grabbed your gem/s. But please realize that we won’t refund entry fees.
Winning entries will be announced by September 15th.   Please address queries to madhattersrev@yahoo.com (subject line: QUERY).

Mad Hatters' Review - Edgy and Enlightened Literature, Art and Music in the Age of Dementia



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Carol Novack said...

Thanks, Nannette! The Mad Hatters are always delighted by displays of appreciation & affection!


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