Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Submission Accepted-Yippeeee

These acceptances are too far between, but I just got one today from Bare Root Review for my short story "Now Snow White Is Dead." Same one that came close at Mad Hatter and made the finals for SLS. I was beginning to think this baby would always be the bridesmaid (many of you may be too young to know that saying). It's the first piece I ever wrote in second person and it is very, very edgy so when editors rejected it but wanted to see more of my writing, I basically had nothing else to submit.

And to think I was just getting ready to post about my favorite rejection letters. Now I'll be busy for the rest of the day withdrawing it from other publications, but that is fun work. I really needed this as my last two pieces were published in SV and that's defunct.

I don't know yet what issue it will appear in, but I'll keep ya' posted.


Rebecca Nazar said...

Yay! Congrats and good work. Now toss that bouquet my way blushing bride. ; )

Yvette Ward-Horner said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to read it.


Nannette Croce said...

Thanks for your cheers, Rebecca and Yvette. Besides the need we all have to shout out good news to our friends, I think posting, as you do, about publications where we've been accepted and directing readers to the stories online helps us all in the constant search for new markets.

Oy, talk about a run-on sentence.


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